Are your cleaning products pet friendly?

Many cleaning products contain chemicals that are dangerous to your health and the environment. They may cause irritations to eyes and throat and leach into the ground, which can harm plants and animals in the surrounding environment.

In fact, chemical household products are one the potential causes of death for pets at home. As they are closer to the ground, they are more exposed to cleaning products and their toxins.

Finding an eco-friendly cleaning product is essential to ensure the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment.

Finding the Right Cleaning Products

How do you know if your cleaning products are dangerous to the environment and your pets?

You should always inspect the contents of your cleaning product carefully. Avoid products containing phosphorous, nitrogen and ammonia, which are volatile and bad for the environment (and your pets). As your pets have smaller lungs, they are more vulnerable to volatile toxins.

Another common harmful ingredient you should avoid is 2-butoxyethanol. Derived from crude oil, long-term exposure to this common cleaning chemical irritates the nose and eyes. Additionally, it can lead to birth defects, so keep this sweet smelling chemical away from any pregnant animal.

If you can’t find environmentally friendly cleaning products that are free from undesirable toxins (such as our Kleenso Floor Cleaners), consider using natural household cleaners such as vinegar, lemon and baking soda, as they are safer for your pets!

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